Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The biggest loser

Well, we didn't win the ugliest bathroom contest.  I figured we wouldn't, but it sure would have been nice.  So, fixing the bathroom stays on our list, our long list of to-do's.  Our previous home had so much closet and storage space and this old farm house has none.  I feel like I am surrounded by stuff all the time.  I can't seem to put it anywhere, so it gets shuffled from here to there.  We need to make better use of the space we do have and we need to do that soon. 

Sabrina finally laid an egg yesterday.  We were outside most of the morning and she was chattering away, even my oldest son asked me what she was talking about.  Well, not long after she was up on a nest box.  She was there for a couple of hours and finally she left an egg.  She must of figured out she was going to be dinner and decided she better pull her weight. 

More warm days this week, so we will be working outside getting the land ready for planting and gardening.  It won't be long and my huge shipment of plants and trees will arrive, so I have to get the prep work done now.  I enjoy working outside...I sure wish it was warm here more days.  The sun is shining, so time to pull myself together so I can get outside. 

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