Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It has been over two months since I last wrote on my blog.  I have been having some health issues and so my blog hasn't been a focus.  Our farm is doing good overall.  We did have pumpkins for Halloween and I carved one of them with my kids.  We have had such nice Fall weather and it is so great for the kids to be able to play outside still.  I have kept my beets in the ground and covered them with hay and actually just had some for dinner the other night.  It is great to still be able to get vegetables from the garden. 

Our chickens are still doing good.  We tend to let them free range more often and they love that.  Our cat loves that too because she either goes in the hen house or teases them while they are out.  Max (our rooster) and Sylvia (our cat) were having some words today and oh how I wished I had a camera at that moment.  We are still getting about 3 eggs per day.  Life has slowed down overall now that Winter is headed our way.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Cheers!