Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Clan

Our hens have stopped laying eggs since we added more chickens to the family.  Hopefully, that doesn't last too long.  I might actually have to buy some eggs from the store if they don't start laying again soon.  These birds make me smile and laugh every day.  It is so funny how they get used to a schedule.  I give them fresh water and scratch each morning.  They see me come outside and they all come running to the fence waiting for their treat.  Laverne and Shirley are completely aware of what I am doing.  They always come over to me no matter if I have food or not.  Our rooster was crowing yesterday afternoon while me and the boys were outside.  My youngest son starting joining in with the cock-a-doodle-do.  It is such a great sound to hear and reminds me how wonderful it is to live on a farm.  Sabrina is still louder than the rooster and she definitely tries to remain the leader, but Max won't have any of that. 

Max...our rooster

The Clan

Next week we are going to make the hen house a lot bigger and fence in an area for them to "free range" during the day.  It will be nice for them to have more space and be able to search for bugs and any other grub they enjoy.  Now that we have the rooster it is nice to know the hens have someone taking care of them.  If our dachshund decides to get into the coop now, he will be the one getting tackled.  Well, I better get busy with some house chores before we head outside for the day.  Bye.

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