Saturday, March 12, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

Well, another fantastic day of weather.  Low 60's and we are getting hot working outside.  Today was a good day to burn our huge pile of weeds.  Where we live you can purchase a burn permit from the local fire department for $10 and burn weeds, ditches, fields, etc.  So, over the winter we have been creating a pile of weeds to burn and we finally did it today.  It is still smoldering, but the initial blaze was quite something. 

As we clean up around outside we have been finding so many bugs.  The great part is chickens love bugs, so we have been collecting them throughout the day and then tossing them into the coop.  The hens manage to get most of the bugs before the rooster even has a chance.  The egg production is still down since we added more hens to the mix, but we are still getting one or two a day.  Well, have a great weekend everyone. Bye.

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