Friday, June 21, 2013

Newest members on the farm

Greetings!  On this post I thought I would share some of our newest members of the farm.  This Spring, we decided to try and see if one of our chickens (Edna) and our turkey hen (Mary) could hatch eggs.  Sure enough success!  We ended up with five new turkeys and three new chicks.  Mary wasn't much of a Mother so we gave all the "babies" to Edna.  The picture below is of our new turkeys.

This picture is of Edna.  She takes great care of all the chicks and loves doing it.  We love having our new little birds on the farm.  Cheers!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Early Summer Blooms

Greetings!  My flowers are starting to bloom and I thought I would share some of the pretty colors already showing up on the farm.  I love flowers and each year I add new ones.  We have a lot of land to cover, but I love doing it! 

 The purple flower in the picture below is actually sage (the herb) and I only planted it last year.  This year it is huge and has beautiful purple flowers, not to mention the honey bees love it!

The Asiatic lilies are so pretty, but unfortunately only bloom once.

 My hollyhock I planted from seed last year and already in one year I have tons of flowers ready to open up.  Aren't they a unique color...such a dark red that they actually look black!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

pictures of some of our animals

Back at it!

Time to start blogging again.  I got out of blogging, but I decided it is time to start up again.  We are still working on the farm and I will get some pictures posted this week.  One of our chicken hens and our turkey hen both hatched eggs this Spring.  We ended up with three new chicks and five new turkeys.  Our chicken Edna is taking care of all eight babies and she is loving every minute of it! 

We have our garden planted and is really growing now with the hot weather that just kicked in.  Our farm is a lot of work and at times we feel overwhelmed, but when we look out and see views and beauty we just can't give it up.