Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goodbye Old Tree

Wow!  What a weekend we had.  Our tree finally was cut down and it looks so strange without it.  We bought two new trees to replace the old one, but we haven't put them in the ground yet.  The man who cut down the tree told my husband that he can't believe some of the big branches hadn't fallen onto the house.  I am so relieved that big dead tree is gone.  We spent Saturday and Sunday working hard outside.  I dug holes and planted over 50 plants.  We actually worked so hard that yesterday we had to take a day off to rest our bodies. 

The chickens are doing good.  We finished their fenced area, so now they have more room to roam.  They love having all the space to look for bugs and such.  It is really fun to watch them and when one finds a bug, Sabrina isn't far away.  In the evening I have to herd them back into the hen house.  Now, that is comical because some of them starting freaking out and running around like a chicken with their head cut off (pun intended). 

Today I have 100 strawberry plants to get into the ground.  My husband prepared the ground for me, so it shouldn't be too hard to get them planted.  I hope everything greens up soon and the plants all survive.  It won't be long until we find out.  Have a great day everyone. Bye. 

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