Friday, March 25, 2011


I figured it was time for me to post some pictures of the farm.  The first one is my husband putting up the fence for the chickens new free range area.  We haven't finished building it, so they haven't been able to enjoy it yet.  Hopefully, this weekend my husband will finish the door and then the chickens will be able to have more space to roam.  I already know they are absolutely going to enjoy all the space. 

Putting up the chicken fence

 This next picture is of our two dogs.  The big black one is Oliver.  The small brown one is Sam.  They enjoy the farm and have adapted very well.  Oliver likes to greet everyone that walks by our house.  Finally, I think they are getting used to seeing him run up to them.  He is a pretty big dog and people are often afraid of him, but it doesn't take long to learn he is very gentle.  Sam on the other hand has quite the opposite personality.  He thinks he is a big dog, but really is my midget.  He likes to bark at everyone who walks by our house and chase them down the road. 

Oliver and Sam
  The third picture is looking toward the East.  This is where we are adding more lawn for the boys and beyond the lawn will be our garden.  My husband turned over the land where the garden will be last weekend.  We will finish tilling the garden and making the rows this weekend (weather permitting).  Hopefully, I will get some plants and seeds in the garden next week.  I can hardly believe it is already time to plant.  Well, enjoy the weekend.  Bye.

Looking East

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