Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring, oh Spring where are you?

Good Morning.  This time of year is hard for me.  It is still technically Winter, but Spring keeps teasing me, showing up and then disappearing again.  It is still too cold to do any planting, but I have Spring Fever so bad.  I went to a local nursery this week to buy our vegetable seeds.  Since I do have the "fever" I decided to buy some herb plants for indoors.  I bought Rosemary, Basil and favorites.  I have already planted them in a pot and I am enjoying seeing and smelling them. 

While tending to my hens yesterday I noticed something was wrong with Laverne's foot.  Two of her nails are missing, so today I have to go talk to our Vet and see what to do about it.  Also, I noticed Shirley's beak is chickens are falling apart.  Hopefully these things are normal and it isn't a big deal.  I will find out today.  Three out of my five hens are laying eggs, the other two have decided they aren't ready to start.  Sabrina, the one that always has a lot to talk about is one that hasn't started laying yet.  I have been telling her that if she has so much to say, she better start showing for it.  No hen (except for in our stew for dinner).

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