Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rain and Wind...URGH!

Well, this weekend hasn't been very great.  My youngest son hasn't been feeling well, the weather turned rainy and windy and the father of one of my good friends passed away.  Yesterday we got some stuff done, but it got really windy in the afternoon, so my husband couldn't finish putting up the fence for the garden.  Today we have more rain and lots of wind, so it will be an indoor day today.  Hopefully, we can get some projects done in the house today.  The rain is good for all my new plants, so at least that is a positive out of the yucky weather.

Our chickens are doing good.  We got five eggs yesterday, but I am anxious to start getting five most days instead of just one or two.  They are really enjoying having the extra space to peck around in and it is fun to watch them out there.  My oldest son has really taken to the chickens and he goes over and visits them often while he is playing outside.  Sabrina had to remind me the other evening that I hadn't given them their afternoon snack.  She is so funny and has such a personality. 

Well, not much else is going on with us.  Have a great Sunday everyone. Bye.

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