Thursday, April 28, 2011

Much to my chagrin...

Good Morning.  This week hasn't been too eventful.  We had a really cold night this week, so we had to cover up some vegetables and plants over night.  They all survived, but last night was just below freezing and I didn't cover any.  I have to go see if they are okay this morning.  Today is going to be in the 70's and sunny, which is a nice change.  While I was walking around the property the other day checking on plants I noticed something sticking up out of the ground.  Much to my chagrin it was asparagus.  It grows wild around here and sure enough on our property.  It just started popping up and I took a picture to show you.  I was able to harvest enough for dinner last night and boy was it good.  I have never eaten fresh from the ground asparagus and it was yummy.  We are planting some this spring too, so in a few years we will have lots of asparagus.

Henrietta is still doing good being back with the other chickens.  When I have to separate her I give her the dog house with some hay in it for her to sleep and lay her eggs.  I have kept it in there and all the hens seem to like it.  Yesterday there were five eggs in there and in the afternoon, Rosa was sleeping in the dog house.  It is funny to see a chicken in a dog house.  They seem to love it, so I am just going to leave it in there for them.  Well, have a great day everyone.  Bye.

wild asparagus

my harvest for dinner

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