Friday, April 8, 2011

R.I.P. Sharky

I don't think I could express enough how much hatred I have for the wind.  Spring time in Western Colorado is always windy.  It kept me up all last night and it is windy all day today.  Go away wind!  It isn't just a light is full on 25 mph wind.  The kind of wind where in the middle of the night you wonder if the big trees are going to fall on your house. 

Well, about two years ago we bought our oldest son a beta fish.  No, it wasn't my idea because I knew us getting a fish meant one thing...I would be taking care of it.  My prediction was correct and not one person in this house (except for me and that may be a slight exaggeration) even remembers he exists.  Well, he has been sick the past couple of weeks.  Okay, I am not a fish expert, but he wasn't eating.  A fish that doesn't eat equals a sick fish (in my professional opinion).  I actually was telling my son just yesterday that Sharky (our fish) isn't well.  I was telling him how sick he was and that maybe we should flush him down the toilet.  Well, as you guessed that didn't go over so well with a four year old.  So, with tears in his eyes, I dropped the subject.  Who would have guessed that today was the day he decided to die.  I just found him dead as dead can be.  I have decided to not tell my boys because they never notice him anyway.  If they ask then I will disclose this day to them, otherwise my lips are sealed.

Henrietta the one eyed hen is doing better.  Her eye healed up and we put her back with the other chickens.  Max, our rooster was happy to have her back.  He wasn't such a fan of her being separated.  The other hens have been good with her so far and I haven't seen any further injuries.  Boy are we getting eggs now.  It is great and they are so yummy.  Usually one night during the week we have waffles and eggs and that is the boys' favorite meal of the week!  Well, that's all for now.  Bye.

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