Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, the weather stinks today, so I am stuck inside.  I am tired and so it is a good day for me to sit down and relax.  After I finish my blog, I am going to drink my hot tea and read.  This weekend we worked on the garden.  I added some more strawberry plants and the ones I planted a few weeks ago are starting to green up.  I planted 14 broccoli plants and three brussel sprouts.  I also planted seed for three different types of lettuce.  This year I am going to do succession planting, so we have constant vegetables throughout the season.  I have made a chart to keep track of what I am planting and it will also help me remember what I did this year.

Our chickens are doing good and egg production has been steady.  Henrietta's eye is doing okay, but it does look infected.  I am hoping it heals up this week, or I will have to separate her out from the others again.  They keep pecking at her and I guess it is hard to reverse that once it starts.  She may end up being our first dinner.  My boys really enjoy the chickens and they have fun visiting them throughout the day.  I think the chickens enjoy their company too!

Not many of the plants I ordered online are greening yet.  I feel like I am watering sticks...and truthfully, I probably am doing just that.  A few are starting to have green buds, so hopefully that is a good sign.  I can't believe it is the middle of April already.  I love seeing all the trees getting leaves and flowers blooming.  Bye.

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