Tuesday, April 5, 2011

an eye for an eye

Good morning.  Yesterday was a weird day.  I went outside early afternoon to check on the chickens and clean out their hen house.  While I was cleaning the hen house I noticed Henrietta's eye looked strange.  So, I checked closer and realized her eye was gone!  The poor hen got her eye pecked out and the side of her head was missing feathers.  I separated her from the other chickens so that her face can heal.  If you leave an injured hen with the others, they will peck her to death.  So, probably tomorrow I will put her back with the rest of the clan.  Max, the rooster isn't a fan of her being separated.  This morning when I let them out of the hen house, he wouldn't let the hens come out. He kept fighting them to stay in the house.  I am not sure what that is all about, but he isn't happy with the change.  We did get seven eggs yesterday which was great.  The warmer weather should help with the egg production.

My husband almost has the garden fence done.  He has a little part left to put up and then the doorways.  We should get irrigation water by next week, so I will be able to plant and seed once that happens.  Once the fence is all finished, I will take a picture of it.  It is really big and I can't believe we are going to have such a large garden.  Well, a nice day today and then cloudy and rainy days are headed our way.  Bye.

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