Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Good Morning- Finally we have a 10 day forecast that I love...sun, sun and more sun.  Not to mention warm too, so now this week I get to plant my vegetable seeds.  This season feels like it was in slow motion and now that it is warming up it is probably going to feel like it is in fast forward.  We fixed our deck up this weekend.  It had stuff everywhere and not set up with our table and our sitting areas.  We purchased a gazebo too, so that will give us some shade in the heat of the summer.  It looks really nice all set up and since our deck is gigantic we have plenty of ways to enjoy it.

The chickens are doing good.  No current injuries with any of them, which feels like a miracle.  This weekend I went out and found an egg in their dog house and it was the smallest egg I have ever seen.  I have no idea which hen laid it, but it was tiny. Out of all the chickens we have, I love Sabrina.  I don't think I can eat her for dinner.  I want to just keep her as my pet chicken.  I figure eventually, I will have Sam (our weiner dog) and Sabrina following me around the farm keeping me company.  Sam will eat the mice we find and Sabrina will eat the bugs.  Sounds like a good team to me, however, my husband will need some convincing.

Well, have a great day everyone. Bye.

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