Saturday, May 21, 2011

another day on the farm...

Good Morning.  We have had rain all week, which is not normal for where we live.  It is the middle of May and it has only been in the 50's for the high.  We are still going to have overcast weather with some rain the next few days, but it is going to warm up to the 70's.  Between the rainy days and the wet ground I feel as though I will never get the rest of my garden planted.  Hopefully it dries up some today so we can get more stuff planted tomorrow.

Rosa's eye looks better, but it still isn't great.  I decided to put her back with the other chickens last night.  She won't go in the dog house and thus she has been a wet bird all week.  I felt bad for her, so I decided to just put her back with the others.  My husband keeps telling me she is a bird not a princess!  Well, I realize she isn't a princess, but she isn't just a bird to me.  One of the hens got into an egg yesterday.  That isn't a good thing, because once they get a taste for the eggs, they like it and are more likely to do it again.  Hopefully, it was a one time thing.

Since the weather has been yucky I decided to paint the mud room yesterday.  I painted it the same green as our kitchen and it looks good.  It at least looks better than what it was before.  I have been working on a bench too for that room.  I have to put one more coat of paint on it and it will be ready to bring in the house. The bench was $20...a find thanks to my husband. 

Well, breakfast is calling.  Have a great day!

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