Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rosa and weather

Well, another hen is injured.  Rosa, the one that looks similar to Sabrina has been separated from the others. The side of her face is swollen and we don't know what caused it.  It doesn't look like she got pecked from the other hens, but rather she has some sort of infection.  I called our vet and she told me to just keep her separated and she will either pull out of it or she won't.  My oldest son isn't too happy about the possibility of Rosa not making it and he informed me she is his favorite.  Oh, gee, thanks kid pull my heart strings.  This morning I went and checked on Rosa and I would say her face looks a little better today.  I hope she pulls through, she is one of our best hens.

We are supposed to have 300+ days of sunshine where we live, but this year so far it seems we are going to have 300+ days of no sunshine instead.  The forecast is more rain and gloomy days.  I can't really finish my garden when it keeps raining and being windy.  Hello bad weather...we don't want you around anymore.  It is starting to get frustrating and annoying. 

Well, hopefully it is just overcast today so I can plant some more seeds in the vegetable garden.  Have a great day.  Bye.

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