Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just another free ranger

Good Morning.  Life is good on the farm this week.  The other day I decided to let the chickens out of their coop and free range.  I was just going to let Sabrina out with me, but once she was out the rest wanted to join her.  So, I couldn't resist and I let them all out.  They are so fun to watch wandering around.  They all pretty much stick together, except Henrietta kept falling behind.  Just another reason to prove that she is at the end of the pecking order. I realized yesterday that a few of the hens are starting to molt.  Once hens are around one year old they loose their feathers and stop laying eggs for about a month.  Then, they get new feathers and lay fewer eggs, but the eggs are bigger.  Hopefully they all do this at different times, so we don't miss out on too many eggs.

We should finish up planting seed for the garden today.  Yesterday, we planted our tomato plants, peppers (hot and bell), onions (white and yellow), corn and cucumbers.  The garden is going to be a bit of an experiment this year because we have never watered by gravity (flooding).  Overall, it should work fine, but we will learn some things that work and don't over the summer.  So, next year we will be better prepared. 

Well, I am going to enjoy my morning coffee.  Bye.

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