Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rain, rain go away...

We don't get very much rain where we live, but when it rains I cringe.  Not because I don't like rain, I actually enjoy the rain.  The reason is because our old farm house doesn't like the rain nor does it hold up against it very well.  We know part of our roof needs to be replaced, luckily it is a small section, but the elements finally won.  This morning I found a small leak in our breakfast nook.  The leak isn't major, but it isn't something you get excited about discovering regardless of its size.  A call to my husband letting him know the news, wasn't the best decision I made today.  Something else to add to his sooner than later list, keep in mind that list is growing a lot faster than the later rather than sooner list.

Today I entered a contest for "the ugliest bathroom."  I have actually never entered a contest, but when I saw the title and we have just that, I figured why not?  We deserve a little help considering all the work we have done on this old house.  How awesome would it be to win a free bathroom makeover.  Of course, I realize I probably won't win.  I don't seem to have luck for those sorts of things, but it is worth a shot.  Believe me that our bathroom is ugly.  It isn't being used right now because we had to tear out the shower wall and all the adjoining walls because of a leak and mold.  They decide the winner at the end of February, I will let you know if we win.

Enjoy your day everyone...until next time.


  1. Do you need people to vote for you to win this ugly bathroom contest?

  2. No voting. The company doing the remodel gets to decide.