Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That's what she said


Today was an exceptionally cold day.  We reached a whopping 25 degrees for our high, needless to say outdoors wasn't on the menu for today's activities. We got egg #2 today, of which I was surprised because of how cold it was last night and this morning.  Our weather is supposed to warm up by the weekend, so I am crossing my fingers that we get a lot more eggs.

I didn't have much for "farm" chores today, but I had other errands to run.  My kind Mother came over to watch my boys so I could have some alone time.  I always appreciate running multiple errands without the kids in tow because in and out of car seats is enough to make anyone crazy.  I had an a-ha moment during one of my errands.  I went to an office to drop off papers, while waiting I noticed a group of women chatting away.  They were obviously irked at something and they were discussing it amongst themselves.  While watching them all I could think of was that I am glad that isn't me.  I am so thrilled that I have a farm to care for and I don't have to put up with all that B.S. anymore.  I feel free and seeing them disturbed only made me smile at the fact that my husband and I TOTALLY made the right life choice for us.  I know it doesn't work for everyone, but for us it just fits.

Hopefully tomorrow I write about egg #3...we shall see.  There are some not so fun chores, like taking the ice off the chickens water every two hours.  Keep in mind, if the water is am I!  This weekend we will take advantage of the warmer weather, so I will have more to talk about.  Have a good night all!

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