Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On to bigger and better things

Today has been a day of cleaning and organizing.  No matter how many times I organize my boy's playroom, it seems to become cluttered in a matter of hours.  It is driving me insane...totally insane.  So, new rule starting today, whatever is left on the floor at bedtime goes into a box and it is gone (at least temporarily).  We shall see if this new rule works.  I can already predict the future on this one and the answer is "no." 

This weekend my husband and I are going to work on our boy's bedroom.  It is one of the rooms we haven't worked on and it so desperately needs it.  So, we are painting, decorating, hanging curtains, etc.  We are sending the boys over to Grandma's, so we can get the work done and so they don't have to sleep in paint fumes.  I don't necessarily want high toddlers (with cabin fever).  I am really excited to fix their room up and our youngest son is going from his crib to a big bed.  So, this weekend will be a big deal in their little lives.

Yesterday we got three more eggs and so far none today.  The days are warmer and so my hens like to lay in the sunshine absorbing all that yummy heat.  I can't blame them as I like to do the same thing.  Today I was able to hang my sheets and towels on the clothesline...oh how much I love sheets dried in the outside breeze and sun.  Well, I am off to paint some trim for the boy's bedroom.  Bye.

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