Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Garden

Good morning.  Yesterday we had a cooler day with rain and it was a nice break from the heat we have been having.  I try to avoid using the oven when it is so hot outside, because it makes our house even hotter.  So, last night I made meatloaf and baked a pie.  It was yummy.  It made me feel like Fall is just around the corner.  I have decided that I don't like the cold and I don't like the heat.  I would like to live where it was Spring and Fall temps year round.  I do enjoy watching the seasons change, so I guess that is a perk for living where we do. 

My husband and I have been working on the garden.  We are trying to get the weeds under control, so some of our vegetables are a success.  Some stuff looks good like our pumpkins and strawberries and other stuff looks terrible, like our beets and carrots.  We have a lot of learning to do with taking care of a large garden.  This year is just going to be our trial and error period and leave it at that.  Life is full of choices, sometimes we make the wrong ones, but as long as we learn from them, we are successful.  This winter I am really going to study about taking care of a large garden.  Hopefully, we learn a lot this year and have a fantastic garden next year.

Max, our rooster is crowing like crazy right now.  Our neighbors have a young rooster that just started crowing a few weeks ago.  I think they are competing with each other.  Well, have a great week everyone.  Cheers.

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