Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Summer

Why is it that Summer always seems to go so fast?  We always have so much going on during the Summer months and the next thing you know it is Fall.  The weather is still really hot, but that is good for our garden.  It is finally starting to take off.  My husband tilled the empty rows yesterday because they were full of grass and weeds.  We have to get on top of the weeds or our vegetables aren't going to do very well.  Our neighbors have a small raised bed garden and it is so pretty.  Next year ours will be a lot better...this year has been trial and error.

We decided we have to break down and get a cat.  Neither of us really like cats, so we have avoided getting one for the farm.  However, the mice are everywhere and we need an outside cat that will catch a lot of mice.  We may even need to get two cats.  My boys of course are excited and we even looked at Pet Smart yesterday.  The cat we liked was shy, so needless to say that isn't going to work on a farm with two dogs, two kids and lots of chickens. 

The bathroom is almost done and I can't wait until we get it finished.  Hopefully, this week it will be done and I will post some pictures.  Well, that is all for now.  Have a great week everyone.  Cheers.

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