Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer heat

Good Morning-

Summer has arrived and with it very hot weather.  We hit 100 degrees yesterday and that is just too darn hot for me.  Today (so far) it is overcast, which is a nice break from the sun.  Yesterday my oldest son hurt his foot and I had to bring him in to the doctor.  We didn't do any x-rays, but if he is still in pain on Thursday, we will bring him back to see if anything is broken.  The irony of this being he pushed his little brother and he fell down on my older sons foot.  Yesterday at the hospital, I saw a glimpse of what my life is going to be like with two boys on the farm.

Max, our rooster, is crowing like crazy this morning.  Usually, once I open up their run he stops, but not today.  Our neighbors may not like hearing him crow at 5:30am.  The chickens are all doing good and I haven't seen any further mites on the others.  The hot weather is hard on them, but they have good shade so they will be okay.  Our raccoon family is still living in our old tree.  I thought they might have moved on to a new "home" but I saw them up in the tree yesterday.  My husband also found raccoon prints on our garden pipe this weekend.  Not a good sign for our future vegetables.  We will have to figure out a way to keep all those critters out. 

Well, a new day to begin.  Have a good one...cheers!

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