Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer days

This week hasn't been too exciting overall.  However, Tuesday proved to be an interesting day.  I had Henrietta (one of my hens) out free because she was showing signs of infection.  I didn't want her to be around the other chickens and she doesn't like to stray, so I put her out in the yard.  Well, I took a shower, go outside and she was missing.  Finally, we found her but she was dead.  I think my older dog Oliver chased her to death.  She was a very spastic chicken and Oliver likes to herd, so needless to say, not a good combination.  Now we are down to seven hens.  Also, Tuesday I found a mouse in the kitchen.  I was able to lure him into the pantry and the mouse trap did the rest.  I was so glad I caught him before it was time for bed or I wouldn't have had a very restful sleep. 

The boys running through our field
 Our garden is looking good, although, we did loose a tomato plant because of the high winds we have been having.  We have a lot of projects that are unfinished and it is time to start getting them done.  My husband and I both feel a bit frustrated lately, but finishing up loose ends I know will help.  I love to sit outside and enjoy our views and that puts things back in perspective.  It is worth it, through the headaches, because I love our land.  Well, have a great day everyone.  Cheers.

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