Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farm Life

Good Morning.  This week has been busy and I can hardly believe it is Thursday already.  I went with my husband out of town for two days and it was so nice to get away.  My parents live near us and so they watch the boys for us if we need a break.  I am so thankful for their willingness to take care of them.  Since I am a stay at home Mom, sometimes I get burnt out and need a "time out" so I can regain patience and understanding. 

We discovered a raccoon family living in one of our old cottonwood trees this past weekend.  I have been watching them and last night the Mom didn't come out of the tree.  I am thinking she got caught by a neighbor.  I just went and looked out the window and she is up in the tree, so she is okay.  I know I shouldn't want a raccoon family on my farm, but the animal lover in me can't help it.  I am pretty sure she has 3 or 4 babies.  They are so cute and stay up in the tree while she comes down to hunt for food.  We have chickens and a garden and I know raccoons don't mix well with those, so eventually we will have to figure out something. 

Today I have to spend some time weeding the garden and planting more seed.  The garden is looking pretty good, even though there are more weeds and grass in there than I would like.  Well, I am going to finish my coffee before I start my day on the farm.  The farm life...I love it!  Cheers.

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