Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot

Greetings!  Today I am going to formally (or informally) complain about the heat.  It is 100 degrees today and I just hate the heat.  It is so hot out there that you can't even enjoy doing any outdoor chores.  Chores is definitely what they become when the sun is burning straight down on you.  As I type this blog post I am hot and I am indoors with a cooler on! 

My garden is growing, but seems to be slow to start this year.  I am hoping now with these hot days that everything starts really growing fast.  Our tomato plants seem to be really lagging.  Of course the weeds don't seem to have any problem!

I put our "babies" with our older chickens and turkeys two days ago.  They all seem to be working well together.  The little ones still have their Mom (Edna) looking out for them too and she reestablished her place in the pecking order right away.  I would guess Edna is number one behind Red, our rooster.  So, that is a good place for her to be in keeping the little ones from getting picked on too much.   The little turkeys are really getting big and I would guess we will figure out if they are male or female soon. 

Well, off to make dinner.  Cheers!

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